M.S. Biomimicry

Arizona State University


The Master of Science (MS) in Biomimicry is designed for working professionals primarily in the fields of biology, design, business, and engineering, who want to make the practice of biomimicry central to their careers.

Applicants to the MS program typically are not interested in additional graduate work in their primary disciplines. Rather, students will have the opportunity to apply their existing disciplinary knowledge to the practice and advancement of biomimicry.

There is rapidly growing demand for biomimicry practitioners in industry. Graduates of the MS program will be able to:

  • Lead in-house implementation of biomimicry across a variety of applications;

  • Initiate or transform a consulting practice in the field of biomimicry;

  • Incorporate biomimicry into education for the next generation of biomimics;

  • Develop innovative and sustainable solutions to the most pressing global challenges.

We expect graduates from the program to transform the ways in which we conduct business, design buildings and products, run governments, provide healthcare, manufacture goods, grow food and educate future generations.

Please review additional information at SoLS. If you have determined this is the right program for you, we highly recommend you contact an enrollment coach through the “Request Information” button at ASU Online to assist with the application process.

To apply to the MS program in Biomimicry, go to ASU Online.

Biomimicry Ph.D / Grad Fellowships

University of Akron

Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center- BRIC

The University of Akron is an internationally-recognized leader in the rapidly growing field of biomimicry. Our Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (BRIC) is dedicated to connecting scientists, engineers, designers and businesspeople to catalyze biomimicry-based innovation. BRIC’s vision is for biomimicry to become a driver for sustainable economic development in Northeast Ohio and beyond.


Biomimicry Specialist Certificate

Biomimicry 3.8

Named by Fortune in 2017 as a “one of today’s smartest ideas,” the biomimicry methodology inspires sustainable design, systems-thinking, creativity, and interdisciplinary collaboration that drives solutions to the toughest challenges facing the world today.

Designed to be highly flexible and affordable, our Biomimicry Specialist Certification professional training program combines online coursework accredited through Arizona State University with our in-person immersion workshops that take place around the world.

A resume builder for any professional looking advance sustainability and innovation in their careers, graduates will be able to integrate biomimicry principles and tools into their primary disciplines. Alumni include software designers, engineers, architects, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, biochemists, sustainability professionals, biologists, and many more.

No matter your profession, with the BSpec training you’ll gain:

  • a 21st century skill set for innovation, sustainability, creativity, and collaboration

  • tools to apply your knowledge and passion to your toughest challenges

  • access to an interdisciplinary network of biomimetics doing inspiring work

  • a deeper connection to nature in your work and personal life