Research and Publications

Research-Oriented Publications 

Frankic, A., L. Greber., C. McIntyre, and S. Sheldon. “Green Boston Harbor Project.” Chapter in Environmental Leadership, Volume II, Taking Action in the Face of Scientific Uncertainty (forthcoming in 2012).

Sheldon, S. and A. Frankic. (2011). A model for relating environmental variation to water permit violations at thermoelectric facility in the Taunton River watershed. IMECE (in press)

Frankic, A. and L. Greber. (2011). A Holistic Science Approach to Living within Coastal Ecosystems in Boston Harbor and Beyond. The International Journal of Environmental,Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. 7, (3): 197-212.

Greber, L., A. Frankic and J. Muller. (2011) National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERRs) as common grounds: towards a holistic science approach to research, education, and outreach with religious communities to enhance climate and environmental literacy at Waquoit Bay, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA,Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences. Volume 8, Issue 2, 2011, p 81-101.

Frankic, A., L. Greber and M. Farnsworth.(2011). Teaching and learning with nature using a biomimicry-based approach to restore three keystone habitats: salt marsh, eel grass and shellfish beds.  Biomimicry Institute, Editor. Proceedings of the first biomimicry in higher education webinar. January 29, 2011: TBI.  [PDF]


2011 Pump-out (P/O) Boat report [PDF]

2011 GBH Report [PDF]

Shellfish Enhancement for Green Harbors [PDF]

2010 Pump-out (P/O) Boat report [PDF]

2009 Marine Invasive Species Monitoring report [PDF]

2009 Pump-out (P/O) Boat report [PDF]

Student Research Papers

Sustainable wild bay scallop fishery [PDF]

Site Suitability Analysis for Offshore Aquaculture of Sea Scallop [PDF]

Site Suitability Analysis for Shellfish Spawning Sanctuaries in Wellfleet Harbor, Massachusetts [PDF]

Magazine Articles

Holistic science for coastal stewardship (LUX) [PDF]

A Greener Vision (UMB alumni magazine) [PDF]