Biomimicry Resources

Intro to Biomimicry Course Documents

GHP documents

  • Proposed biomimicry living lab
  • Frankic, A., L. Greber and M. Farnsworth.(2011). Teaching and learning with nature using a biomimicry-based approach to restore three keystone habitats: salt marsh, eel grass and shellfish beds.  Biomimicry Institute, Editor. Proceedings of the first biomimicry in higher education webinar. January 29, 2011: TBI.   [PDF]


(Thanks in part to suggestions from the Biomimicry Institute reading list.)

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  • Design and Nature II. Ed M. W. Collins et. Al. 2004.
  • McDonough, W. (2004). Cradle to Cradle.
  • Pawlyn, M. (2011) Biomimicry in Architecture
  • Thompson, D. W.. (1992) On Growth and Form: The Complete Revised Edition.