Fort Point

The Green Boston Harbor Project (GBH) and SHIFTBoston are convening a multi-disciplinary team to design and implement a biomimetic strategy to improve the environmental conditions of Boston's Fort Point Channel by establishing a floating wetland system.  Wetlands provide essential ecological services for the harbor, including improving water quality, providing habitat for a variety of fish and shellfish during at least part of their lives, and protecting the shoreline from storm surges.  

Floating wetlands offer opportunities to restore these services when shoreline access is limited by development or other causes. The project will use a biomimicry approach, applying lessons learned from healthy wetland systems so the floating wetlands will become self-sustaining and thrive for the long term.

The project is likely to first become an exhibition and then perhaps implemented.


Background: Download Draft proposal for shellfish restoration at Fort Point Channel and for the larger harbor

Photos: Floating wetland; Fort Point Channel Google earth